Founded by Mr. Jai Prakash Dangi in 2008, Food Fab Catering has grown to become a leader even amongst the Best caterers in Bangalore. After quitting a lucrative job in software marketing, Mr. Dangi, an M.B.A graduate, set out with the aim of providing good quality food to anybody who was hungry for it. Food Fab began as a small team of dedicated and talented caterers who worked tirelessly to provide one luncheon a day, slowly but surely, one luncheon a day grew into 45 luncheons a day by the end of the year. Since the start of our journey, we have always held quality and hygiene in the highest regard, every member of our team is trained rigorously on health and safety before they even enter the kitchen or touch the food. Our chefs are all professionals in their respective fields and they all pour their talents into making scrumptious vegetarian meals that consistently maintain high standards.

Food Fab has come a long way since 2008, from serving a small number of luncheons a day, we now serve over 16,000 meals a day for different industries and sectors. By adhering to a strong sense of hygiene and upholding the standards that we began with, we managed to grow in leaps and bounds as our satisfied customers spread the word about us and supported us in a number of ways. To keep up with the demand, we then began to expand our services and ensured that every outlet we set up followed the same standards and principles that helped us grow to such an extent. Growing the business from the ground up, we paid a tremendous amount of attention to even the smallest details, every location that we cook in has been equipped with an RO plant to purify the water that we use, we designate special separate areas for dry and wet parts of the kitchen as well. We ensure that these hygiene standards are maintained across every level of our system. Every person who enters the kitchen from the head chef to the kitchen assistants are all trained meticulously as they receive their “Food Handlers Test” certification. Just like a well prepared dish, every single ingredient of the system needs to be cared for and reared to perfection in order to achieve the most desired results.

Now, the Food Fab team of over 250 people delivers excellent quality from a 15,000 sq ft. kitchen, serving around 5 million meals a year. After working our way to the top and becoming the best caterers in Bangalore, we are happy to bring joy to thousands of people with our homely meals that taste delicious.

Jaiprakash Dangi


Education - BSC/ MBA –Finance and marketing
Experience - Business development executive for CMIE India Pvt.Ltd.
Responsibility – The man behind the Idea. Mr. Dangi founded Food Fab in 2008 to give quality food to folks in Bangalore on a daily basis. Since 2008, he and his team grew exponentially and moved operations to provide service for IT and Public and Private Organizations across all major industries. Mr. Dangi has transformed the company into a professional corporate caterer by incorporating hospitality and professionalism in the service. Throughout his career, Mr. Dangi has focused excelling at customer satisfaction and set new standards in the catering industry.

Pramila Jai Prakash


Education – B.Com
Experience - Involved in operational activities since inception. Played a significant role in the development of the Business.
Responsibility – Pramila has always been a role model to the employers and plays a vital role in overall kitchen operations. With her exemplary interest in cuisines, she has always chosen exciting menus.

Gowri Shankar

Marketing and HR

Education – Graguate
Experience - 15 years of experience in corporate catering, worked in Sodexo and Manohar Catering
Responsibility – Marketing and supervising


Head Chef

Experience - worked as assistant cook for Le Meriden Hotel, Bangalore. Has valuable experience in catering services like Shri Rajashree catering and Spice N Nice catering service as an head cook.
Responsibility – Mr. Peter working with food fab from 2010. The overall responsibility for daily operations in the kitchen is overseen by Mr. Peter., He is recognized for his wonderful cooking skills. He Is in charge of stocking the ingredients and also developing an exciting menu that is both creative and profitable.

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