Industrial Catering

Catering at your convenience.

For the majority of our catering services, Food Fab operates out of a state-of-the-art kitchen that takes up a little over 1500 square feet. There are 15 Food Certified Vehicles with GPRS tracking that are used for safely delivering the food after it has been carefully prepared.

Several corporations prefer to have the food prepared on the site rather than delivered to them, industries from healthcare and the government are especially keen on cooking the food on site due to various reasons. Food Fab offers end to end industrial catering services in Bangalore.

We can set up a kitchen that is ideal for the corporation depending on their space and budget. We even send our trained and experienced professionals to prepare the food regularly in the kitchen as well as to train others to do the same while adhering to the highest standards and quality of food.

Industrial Kitchen

Food Fab uses a Comprehensive ERP system to manage all operations efficiently. Well experienced in these matters, we can set up an industrial kitchen to cater to all your needs as well as the needs of your employees, we also offer smaller tuck shops or juice bars that supply healthy and tasty snacks and foods prepared in these industrial kitchens or from our own kitchen delivered.

Food Fab believes in solving problems, when there is a lack of food or no available facility to cook it, we are all set to provide complete catering solutions in any part of the city with our industrial catering services in Bangalore.

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