Making the fabulous choice

Food Fab has been in the business of delivering an excellent quality of food for more than a decade now. What began as a humble group of South Indian caterers in Bangalore led to the rise of an essential service that now provides sensational food for a large number of corporations, events, and even individuals. Through our journey, we expanded our menu slowly over time and consistently stuck to being pure vegetarian caterers in bangalore. Every dish on our menu that we started out with and added over the years has a good amount of deliberation behind it. We examine every possibility and how it affects our kitchen, our clients, the people eating the dishes, the cost, and the tasty reward, all before we consider adding the item to our menu.

At the same time, we are versatile and flexible with the items that we can provide for you. Catering food to truly nourish clients is a conscientious process that can be specific to every individual or corporation, we are flexible and accommodating to all the culinary needs of our clients and we go above and beyond to serve them the right items and the exact type of food that they requested. This flexibility that came with our growth placed us among the top North Indian caterers in Bangalore as well. While satisfying numerous clients with our veg catering services, we also began to expand into tuck shops for corporations. The Tuck Shop acts as a smaller version of a restaurant, it provides various snacks, tea, coffee, juices, pastries and many more items to large groups of employees and patrons.

Our Menu

The following menu is a testament to the wide range of items that we have perfected over the years. These fabulous foods are prepared with the utmost care and will result in normal food items that taste extraordinary. More vegetarian items can be added or removed based on specific needs, these items represent our most common orders that keep our clients happy, well-fed, and satisfied.

Corporate Packed Food Menu

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